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This is the web log for our on-line book stores. There are observations here, upcoming sales, and auctions. We sell on a number of sites, each has its own selection, though there is some overlap, including our own My-Lynx Associates store which has the largest selection.
We want to tell you more about what is for sale as we grow and flourish.

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We welcome your comments, observations or suggestions. We provide a comment field for general comments on the blog portion where you can leave a message for us and the general public. If you need a personalized reply, we have this contact page.

We review your submissions frequently. You can actually help us grow our fledgling on-line business! If you want special shipping arrangements, please feel free to contact us about your needs or requirements.

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Page last updated: 11/03/11

There are some blue buttons below that link to the different websites where we sell our books across the Internet. Some of them are very well known to all, some are popular with just book-buyers, all receive our best service. Your decision is fairly simple. You may sign up on our website with minimal information, or use an existing online account that you may already have from prior business with say Amazon or eBay and purchase our merchandise using your own existing account.

We have a list of titles of books we sell. You can click on the black navigation bar at the top of the page where it says "Books for Sale". It will show you a frequently updated list of 1000+ titles available on the My-Lynx Associates website. You can also click to visit the My-Lynx Associates Store  by the link provided on the blue button below.

The My-Lynx Associates website is our very own website and has a mini-search engine that will allow searches by an individual author, keyword or book title and can provide you with an often detailed description of the book and its price. Many of our books have extended entries as to condition and price and some have descriptions of the contents as well.
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